AUTOFLYTE EDGE is the only insights tool of its kind, helping dealers and their agencies hone their marketing strategy in near real-time by responding to current market dynamics and areas of opportunity, not factors that might have been helpful to know 90 days ago.



How can daily sales intelligence help save a month?

Daily sales data informs you where your sales opportunities are right now by competitor, model and geography. This gives you the ability to respond to conditions in your market as they are occurring. Specifically, our clients have experienced dramatic turnarounds by taking action based on the emerging trends they see in EDGE, from positive indicators of opportunity to the red flags of bleeding sales.

EDGE also helps guide inventory allocation discussions between dealers and their field managers by placing a more timely finger on the pulse of what is actually selling in the market.

One of our GM clients saw a competing dealer selling a disproportionate amount of Silverados in the 10-mile radius around their store early in the month, even though they had the best prices online. They dug deeper and discovered that the dealer was advertising a $6/day price instead of a monthly price, so they adjusted their messaging and ended up winning the month.


In our powerful Marketing Analytics tool within EDGE, we have added the ability to customize your views and get insights based on specific sales and marketing initiatives and targeting areas, so you can see how these initiatives are paying off, calculate your cost per sale and pivot your strategy where necessary.

You can upload and measure and evaluate any geography-based traditional or digital media buy against sales in near real time. Is your OTT strategy translating to sales? Did your SEM conquesting campaign shift your market share? These are only a couple of the infinite ways you can use the tool to determine the effectiveness of your marketing and where to target next.


Smarter Planning for Tier II Ad Groups and Agencies

EDGE provides a real-time view into current market conditions and defines the same-make and competitive nameplates and geographies that need to be targeted to grow sales and market share. It also eliminates the need for laborious report compilation for dealer group meetings by providing near real-time data in the needed format (it can even be used live in planning meetings). The immediacy of the data helps ad groups and agencies make smarter, better-informed marketing decisions and also informs allocation and variable incentive decisions based on segment and model sales by geography.

AUTOFLYTE can customize solutions and reporting based on the needs of our agency and Tier II clients.