AUTOFLYTE EDGE is the only insights tool of its kind, helping dealers and their agencies hone their marketing strategy in near real-time by responding to current market dynamics and areas of opportunity, not factors that might have been helpful to know 90 days ago.

Marketing Analytics

In our powerful Marketing Analytics tool within EDGE, we have added the ability to customize your views and get insights based on specific sales and marketing initiatives and targeting areas, so you can see how these initiatives are paying off, calculate your cost per sale and pivot your strategy where necessary.

You can upload and measure and evaluate any geography-based traditional or digital media buy against sales in near real time. Is your OTT strategy translating to sales? Did your SEM conquesting campaign shift your market share? These are only a couple of the infinite ways you can use the tool to determine the effectiveness of your marketing and where to target next.

Intuitive Insights

With a few simple selections, you get a powerful view into what you and your competitors are selling in a specific radius and the ZIP codes around your store. What are the top areas of opportunity where you might need to adjust your strategy and targeting? What are the hot sellers this month? Who pumped into your back yard yesterday? Where are you winning and losing share? Below are just a few of the tools within the EDGE dashboards.