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AUTOFLYTE boasts the only automotive marketing and sales insights tools of their kind, helping dealers, dealer groups, Tier II ad groups, agencies and industry professionals hone their strategies in near real-time by responding to current market dynamics and areas of opportunity, not factors that might have been helpful to know last month or last quarter.

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I can’t imagine doing my job without AUTOFLYTE EDGE. Being able to arm our sales and marketing teams with current intel on what the market and our competitors are doing at a glance and drill down into the specific areas, models and dealers we need to go after are absolutely priceless.”

Caitlin Hurley
Business Development Director 
Stingray Chevrolet

How can daily sales intelligence help save a month?

Daily sales data informs you where your sales opportunities are right now by competitor, model and geography. This gives you the ability to respond to conditions in your market as they are occurring. Specifically, our clients have experienced dramatic turnarounds by taking action based on the emerging trends they see in EDGE, from positive indicators of opportunity to the red flags of bleeding sales.

“AUTOFLYTE’s Tier II insights platform gives us a material advantage over other agencies. Not only are we able to make timely recommendations at ad group meetings based on current model demand and opportunity to help our Tier II clients, but we are that much more credible during new client pitches.””

Chris M
Account Director
Tier II Agency

Smarter Planning for Tier II Ad Groups and Agencies

Our Tier II platform provides a real-time view into current market conditions and defines the same-make and competitive nameplates and geographies that need to be targeted to grow sales and market share. It also eliminates the need for laborious report compilation for dealer group meetings by providing near real-time data in the needed format (it can even be used live in planning meetings). The immediacy of the data helps ad groups and agencies make smarter, better-informed marketing decisions based on current segment and model sales by geography.

AUTOFLYTE can customize solutions and reporting based on the needs of our agency and Tier II clients.

“The MarketIntel platform from AUTOFLYTE is literally the most powerful tool I’ve ever used in my career. I don’t have to wait for registration data to draw a bead on opportunity for my clients and I frequently surprise them with what the data is showing. It’s an intuitive interface that makes finding the story in the data easy.”

David Kain
Automotive Trainer
Kain Automotive

The AUTOFLYTE Marketintel platform gives industry professionals the ability to make timely factual recommendations based on current market conditions.

Immediately understand what is selling where, across makes and models, with the most current data available

See near real-time demand and trending makes and models as the trends are developing

Ensure your plans and recommendations are relevant to current market conditions

Save time on planning and reporting—the data is already in the format you need for your meetings and presentations