Get yesterdays reports GET EDGE Want to know what your competition sold YESTERDAY?
For the first time in automotive history you can, with EDGE.
Don’t wait for 60-90 DAY OLD REPORTS to tell you what the market’s doing today. LEARN MORE

It’s not just another dashboard with pretty reports.

Want to know where your sales opportunity is today by competitor, nameplate and geography?

Respond to opportunity while it’s still opportunity. Thanks to our partnership with Urban Science, we are the only company to offer insights based on daily RDR data. AUTOFLYTE EDGE helps dealers identify the specific models and geographies they should be focusing on NOW, which in turn impact sales.

EDGE gives you actionable insights to drive your sales and digital marketing strategy and measure the results by the ultimate KPI–sales.

The partnership between our store and AUTOFLYTE has been one of the easiest and most beneficial relationships I’ve ever had the pleasure to be involved with in my entire career…[EDGE] has been instrumental in catering and adjusting our advertising efforts to increase our digital impact and ultimately gain more business…our new and used sales are at a record high. We have dominated our market for over a year, increasing the gap between our store and the next best performing store more every month!”

Caitlin Hurley
Business Development Director 
Stingray Chevrolet

AUTOFLYTE Managed Services

Creative & Digital Services

If AUTOFLYTE EDGE helps you market smarter, imagine what happens when you partner with us to manage your digital marketing. Our Google Premier Partner campaign managers are bent on helping you move the needle, and the near real-time sales statistics don’t lie. We handle the full digital suite, but can partner with your internal marketing team or agency to manage a-la-carte services based on your needs.


We have a world-class strategy and creative team that brings Tier I quality to our Tier III clients. Since we also own a traditional media agency, we can execute strategy and creative for nearly any medium online, on the air or offline.