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EDGE Walkthrough – Session 2

In Session 2, we cover how to leverage our automotive sales insights for marketing campaign targeting purposes. This is the second of four walkthrough videos (under 5 mins each) that show how best to use EDGE to sell new and used vehicle inventory. These videos are a good introduction for people who have yet to […]

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EDGE Walkthrough – Session 1

Over the next several weeks, we will be posting short walkthrough videos (under 5 mins) that show how best to use EDGE to sell new and used vehicle inventory. These videos are an excellent introduction for people who have yet to use our daily automotive sales insights platform and serve as refreshers for those who […]

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Staff Spotlight: Brenda Davis

One thing we have unintentionally neglected till now is to recognize publicly the incredible talent behind the scenes at AUTOFLYTE who make us the growing automotive advertising agency and marketing insights tech startup we are. Brenda Davis, our Senior Account Director for Tier III, is the first of many Rockstar team members who absolutely must […]

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“Don’t let it hit the lot unsold” – Automotive Sales & Allocation in 2022

Winning the Allocation Battle Most OEMs’ vehicle allocation is based on a “turn and earn” system that allocates new inventory to the dealers who turn it the fastest. With production constrained, having a vehicle on the lot even a for day in some cases can negatively impact future allocation. As Gabe Montano from Mike Maroone […]

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EDGE is the “directional compass” helping auto marketers behind the scenes

How EDGE insights are helping an automotive agency get wins for their dealer clients during the shortage AUTOFLYTE’s team of strategists, product managers, data engineers, and creatives is never satisfied with our latest platform release, nor are we so self-assured as to think every product ticks every box for every client. We are constantly tapping […]

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How Daily Automotive Sales Insights Can Help Dealers During the Chip and Inventory Shortage

This is a tough time to be in the new car business. While many dealers and dealer groups are justifiably reigning in their marketing budgets (some even going “dark”), there is still a quiet battle for the biggest piece of the new and used vehicle market share pie while we all hold our breath for […]

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David Kain interviews AUTOFLYTE team

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with David Kain, President of Kain Automotive, on a video conference to discuss AUTOFLYTE and walk through part of our EDGE platform. David is a key industry executive and thought leader we’ve admired for a while and have crossed paths with several times over the years.  We […]